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How This Site Was Organized:

As of this year, this site has four categories, which you can now navigate and browse using the menus at the header.

1. Charcoal Grills

A very popular choice for barbeques, charcoal is known for adding a distinct flavor to the food. When meat is cooked over charcoal, it sears quickly, producing a crusty caramelized exterior and a mouth-watering smoky flavor. It does not offer the convenience that a gas-powered grill offers but charcoal purists have a cult-like reverence for old-school grilling, and the debate between the two groups burns hotter than the one between iPhone users and Android users.

2. Gas Grills

Gas grills are convenient and easy to clean up after the party. They do the job of cooking meat without any fuss and will leave you feeling stuffed and satisfied at the end of your meal. It does not burn as hot as charcoal does but that is the trade-off – you can either have convenience or you can have searing heat; you can’t have both. People on this side of the debate would argue that charcoal adds an insignificant amount of flavor to meat and the results are purely dependant on the one who is cooking. We will leave it up to you to decide which way to go.

3. Grilling Tools

No grilling set is complete without the right set of tools – tongs, skewers, brushes, meat thermometers, aprons, grill lights, smokers, grill pans, basting tools – the list goes on and on. Go to our site for some of the best tools you will find on the market today.

4. Wood chips

Like charcoal, wood chips infuse the meat with a unique flavor – but unlike charcoal, different types of wood produce different types of flavor. Poultry tends to pair well with fruity woods, while pork and beef are better suited for woods that have a stronger flavor like oak, hickory, and walnut. Here, you will find all the research you need to pick the best kind of wood for your barbeque party.

Why Care So Much About Grills?

The answer to that is super easy – I only want you to experience the best barbeque that is humanly possible regardless of how big or small your budget is. I’ve gone through all the difficulties of trying to grill food without any knowledge or experience, and I would like to help you avoid all that and go straight to the good stuff. Failing to grill food is probably the most miserable experience in the culinary world as it takes such a huge time commitment to even attempt it, and then another one to clean up after. But I like to think that I failed all those times so that you don’t have to. So browse around my site, and take what you need to have the best barbeque party in your neighborhood!

Our Reviews:

While I have not owned or used all products displayed on my website, I assure you that I have sourced all my information from sources that are credible and reliable, as well as from my own personal experience. If you see an item on this blog, then you can be sure of one of the following:

1. I have used the product myself.
2. Somebody I know uses the product and is very happy with it.
3. I’ve scoured through multiple websites and product reviews to save you a lot of work including your time spent in researching for the right product to purchase.

Rest assured that I have worked tirelessly to make this resource for you to have the perfect grilling experience. In the end, I want you to be the talk of the town with your barbeque parties!

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