About Us


Welcome to Sizzle and Grille Manual! You’ve come to the best place to learn all types of grilling techniques, tools, and recipes. Sizzle and Grille Manual is your online guide and best friend when it comes to outdoor cooking. Sizzle and Grille were born out of the idea to try something new and this, in turn, has turned into more than a hobby; a passion. Here at Sizzle and Grille, we’ve brought together our best tips, tricks, tools, and recipes to give you all that you’ll ever need when you are cooking outdoors.

How We Came to Be

I was born into a family that loves to cook. No matter what the occasion was, be it a birthday or just a simple Sunday family lunch, we would get together and just whip up whatever cravings we’d have. On most Sundays, my family would love to go outside and have barbecues. My dad, especially, is the one who truly had a passion for grilling and would constantly let me and my brother help him out. With all his tips and tricks, it gave us an inspiration and we then grew a passion for grilling and cooking outdoors. With all that, I decided that it was the best share some of the techniques and tips that I knew with all other grill and barbecue enthusiasts. Thus, the Sizzle and Grille Manual was born!


The overall goal of Sizzle and Grille Manual is to be the one-stop online directory for anyone who has a passion or interest in anything and everything related to outdoor cooking. Whether it be about your grilling products or just some basic barbecuing tips, we at Sizzle and Grille will strive to provide the best services and knowledge in well written and high-quality articles. Our site can provide you the best reviews and tips necessary to make your outdoor grilling the best experience.