Brilliant Ways on How to Clean a Charcoal Grill

Cleaning the grillCleaning the grill is infamously the less fun part of grilling. You can easily turn into one of the worst tasks you have to do, and you can also just as easily make it an enjoyable task. A lot of people pride themselves in making the best-grilled steaks, vegetables, and burgers out there, their grills are the best, they don’t burn food, they don’t have access grease everywhere and they are well seasoned. And some people are very happy with the long life that their grills have, they have been in the family long enough to have some sort of bond with them. We all know that, if you want to be on the good side of any grill owner, do not, under any condition leave it dirty for days on ends.

So to be of your assistance, we made a research on how to clean to clean a charcoal grill. We covered all the materials you need to clean, important things to consider when cleaning, how to achieve the best results and things you need to maintain your grill. There are also a few items to pay attention to before you cook, things that will make it easier for you clean after use. This may sound like a lot of homework right now, but rest assured, it is not as difficult as it may sound.


The last thing you want to do is clean your charcoal grill at a place where all the grease, char and ash will leave an unattractive mess at your campsite or backyard. Select a place where it will be easy for you to wash off the mess afterward or where there is good drainage. Stay away from walking paths as well and if you are camping, clean the clean a bit further from the campsite.

There are some necessary items to gather like; grill brush, paper towels, rubber gloves, plastic bags, foil, and a bristle brush and a fork or knife. You may need to dismantle the grill if there are some fat remnants in hidden places or small corners. One thing that is always needed to be removed however is the grill grate or the charcoal grate. The ash catcher should always be empty before every use. It is best to remove them once they cool down after every use so that you do not forget and end up leaving them for a long time.

There is more than one way of cleaning the charcoal grill, which will all be discussed below. But one thing that should always be done in all the various methods of cleaning the grill is getting rid of all the ash and debris.


scrub it with an aluminum foilFirst thing to do is to scrub it with an aluminum foil to remove any debris or remaining gunk. Use gloves to prevent your hands from being stained with the ash and char. Most grills allow for the grates to be removed from them, remove it the way the grill allows and brush with a wire grill brush. Apply the right amount of force when brushing grate, being too gentle might not be enough to do the job but using excessive force might end up damaging the coating on your grill.

When you have successfully completed that task, use your brush to remove some encrusted bits and any build up from the grill lid and bottom. You might see some paint peeling off when you are doing the task, this could negatively impact your grill performance and durability. In case some chips fall off, substitute the steel brush for a softer brittle one, a fork or a putty knife. Once done, remove the buildup into a plastic bag which will later be disposed of appropriately and wipe off the debris with a cloth and soapy water.

Do not forget the ash catcher, throw away any leftover ashes which may have fallen there while you were cleaning the top and grates. Most ash catchers can be easily removed from the grill, so detach it safely and dump the contents into the plastic as well. The ash catcher should be the first thing you put back into the grill after cleaning, slide back the grate or hook it accordingly then press o it to make sure that it is firmly back in place. To achieve the cleanest grilling, most grill masters recommend that you should line the grate with an aluminum foil then light up the grill after poking holes on the foil.

Another method of cleaning is that once you have removed all the ash from the grill, heat it up for not more than 15 minutes, slightly dip a paper towel into oil and then coat the grill while it’s heated. Use gloves to prevent the oil from sticking to your skin and beware not to use too much oil because the towel might catch on fire. From there wipe it clean with your gloved hands or an oven mitt and tongs.

If you are worried about getting burned, you can do the same process but on a cold grill then light it up after oiling the grates. There might be some smoke as a result or burning off excess oil, that’s normal, it will stop once all oil is burned off.

Grill Maintenance

Most charcoal grills are made from a durable porcelain-coated material that can withstand various elements. So once in a while, it is good for your grill to wash it thoroughly with soap and water. There are a wide variety of good and quality oven cleaners on the market to use on your grill for that spotless finish. You do not want your next barbecue to be smelling of chemicals so always make sure that you rinse the grill well with plenty of water after scrubbing off all that excess fat and food debris.

Now that you have a clean and properly maintained grill, you can go back to creating magic with those steaks and burgers.

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