The Art and Passion of Grilling A Perfect Steak

GrillingGrilling is not as easy as taking a fat steak and slapping it on top of a hot grill. Just like any type of cooking, grilling has its own tricks. Have you ever wondered why when some people grill, the food comes out tender, juicy and full of flavor but when some other people cook, disaster happens? And sometimes, everything goes smoothly and at the very last minute, everything burns and then there goes family lunch. Imagine having an unflattering and charred meat on the outside, with gray tasteless crisp on the inside.

We all have our own unique ways of grilling, some people start the fire, season, place the meat on the grill and check it every once and then, while some people would not let the grill out of their sight and pole the meat every 2 minutes! Below are some steps to take and advice on how to grill a perfect steak for you, your family and friends, effortlessly. We will talk about temperature control, seasoning, what to avoid and what you will need. But remember, just like cooking anything else in the kitchen, when grilling outside, pay attention to your food. Take a look at what we have compiled for you and you will be grilling perfectly before you know it.

Steps to Achieve the Perfect Steak


Take the 1 ½ inches steak at least an hour before cooking and let it defrost naturally until it is at room temperature. This prescribed thickness is chosen because it is just the right one to give the steak that char once grilled. The best steaks to grill are; Porterhouse, T-Bone or Strip Steak. Be careful with leaving the steak out for too long might give you bad results, taking it directly from the freezer to the fire will give even worse results. Give steak a slight sprinkle of coarse salt on both sides while it is sitting, this will help retain all the juicy bits. From there you can add any spices and black pepper, you may have a selection of fine to coarse bits, then salt again.

The next steps:

  • Start cleaning the grill and oil it with a neutral flavored or vegetable oil.

There may have been some remnants of grease from when you last used it, brush off any bits of food on the cooking grates using a paper towel.

  • Heating

Get natural charcoal lumps that came from a tree, for example, oak, and stay away from anything that will leave your food smelling like chemicals. It is okay to go full blast on the heat at this point but be ready to reduce this heat if it does not die down before the meat is ready for grilling. Make sure the grilling grates are 4 inches above the coal. One side of the grill should have medium heat to keep the steak warm and crispy while you are still grilling more.

Question: How do I know that the cooking temperatures are correct?

Answer: You should not be able to hold your hand 2 inches from the grill for more than 2 minutes.


steak on the grillPlace the steak on the grill and wait until it is cooked on one side before you flip it to cook the other side. Flipping it around may look cool and keep you busy on your chef task but it just would not achieve the best results, and you do not want to end up releasing all the tasty juices to the flames. Besides, you can use all the free time between flipping to spend time with your guests or prepare vegetables to go with the steak. You can let the meat rest for 5 minutes then check if it’s cooked by touching it with a finger- cooked meat feels firm.

Medium meat will spring back at your touch, the medium rare meat will resist, rare meat should be soft and raw meat should be almost squishy. If you are not good at this, as a last resort you can make a little cut on the corner of the steak to see if it’s cooked. When you have achieved the level desired, let the meat rest for not more than 10 minutes to allow distribution of flavor throughout the steak.

There are 2 golden rules;

  1. Heat must remain constant throughout the whole process ( Use a thermometer if need be, maintain 125 degrees)
  2. Do not flip the steak constantly, poke it, move it about and try not to cut it. ( As tempting as it might be, it’s a trap)

Important Notes

  • Test for touch for feeling if the meat is properly cooked or not
  • Thick steak normally continues cooking even after removing it from the grill, take this into consideration
  • Grilling happens in a space of a few minutes, not hours.
  • If you like, you can salt the steak on one side, let it cook then salt and flip it to cook the other side
  • You can lower heat by raising the heat slightly or reduce coals to the other side of the grill.
  • Yes, you only need salt and pepper for the perfect stake
  • To achieve a rare quality take, remove it after 3 minutes and for a medium rare, remove it from the grill after 4 minutes
  • A timer always comes in handy

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

There are various factors that determine how your steak will come out after grilling. From the type of coal you used, cleanliness of your grill, salt and pepper and whether or not you allowed to cook uninterrupted and left it to rest before dishing. I do not know why people have to flip the steak time and time again when grilling but the only thing that doing that archives is a badly grilled steak. It is okay to be nervous or concerned about how your stake will come out but if you follow these instructions, everything should be okay. Now you know how to grill a perfect steak, have fun grilling!