Updated Review of Weber 721001 Charcoal Smoker

smoked steakAre you a big lover of an authentic smokehouse flavor at home? Do you entertain friends or family quite often during summer? Or do you like to recreate childhood memories over smoked steak? Then you are in luck because the Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker is just the right product for you. It comes with a bonus and free Weber cover and cookbook! In no time, and with the guidance of experienced chefs, you will be making your own home made smoked flavors at any time you want. I am fond of alternating between grilled and smoked food, sometimes I like my chicken grilled and my stake smoked, they have those individual quality flavors that I have come to appreciate over the years.

Not too long ago I started collecting cookbooks from famous chefs all over the world in order to fully utilize the Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker’s abilities. Before buying this product always made sure to research well on it, strive to invest on products that will perfectly blend into your lifestyles and preferences. Below is detailed information on features and pros and cons of this smokey cooker. We had to compile all the important information to give you an opportunity to fully understand this grill.


Almost, if not all, online resource centers for grill information will tell you that features tell and benefits sell. Features are also one of the main considerations to make before buying any grill, whether it is a gas, electric or charcoal grill. All the features that are listed below are chosen because they explain qualities of the grill and they will help you understand how it works.

Quality Steel

The Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker is constructed with a black porcelain-enameled steel, it has heavy-duty, nickel plated-steel cooking grates, and heat resistant nylon handles.


This grill is big enough to cook for a large group of people. You fit a whole chicken on one of the grates while the steak is cooking on the other grate. Its dimensions are 21 inches by 19 inches by 41 inches in total. It has 2 nickel plated 18 – ½ inch wide cooking grates for a total of 481 square inches. This grill weighs 39.07 pounds.

Temperature Control

There is a built in thermometer to allow you to monitor your grill’s temperatures. This feature allows you be able to slow cook or use high heat and still keep both under your control whenever you do.


Service Always counts on Weber manufacturers to come to your service whenever you need it. The Customer and Dealer Service associates are there to provide all necessary support when you contact them. This team is available on daily basis for your benefit.

Can be carried

You take this grill along for weekends away in the outdoors or long road trip adventures for your cooking pleasure. The Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker can easily fit at the back of your car.

Pros and Cons

Pros and ConsEvery product has both good and bad things about it. The good must, however, outweigh the bad and you must always get value for your money. One of the best product reviews you will ever see are open and honest about what buyers appreciated and didn’t appreciate about the product. Some of the pros and cons listed here are based on hundreds of customer reviews and comments on a wide range of sources. This not only helps you make an informed decision, but it also helps you to know how you can prevent having an unpleasant experience with a product

What we liked

  • Quality Construction Material This grill is made from one of the finest material which is durable, stands the test of time and it is not easily corroded or faded. The material also makes the grill stay looking good and shiny for long.
  • Heat resistant handle Its handle is made from nylon. Therefore you do not have to worry about yourself, guests or children getting burned it, unlike on other burners.
  • Warranty There is a 10-year limited warranty for this grill.
    Simultaneous cooking You can cook allows you to cook at the same time with its 2 grates. So you can have your chicken and your beef cooking together.
  • Water Pan This porcelain-enameled pan adds steam to your cooking process, ensuring that your meat stays tender. When cooking simultaneously this water pan is useful in giving you an opportunity to have a very good eating experience, between you will have 2 very different cooking methods.

What we didn’t Like

  • Poor temperature Control The temperature control requires a lot more management than other smokers, it can go very low then rocket way too high in a short time, so you have to pay extra attention when cooking. You have to make sure you have a significant temperature gradient along the cooking chamber unless it is a reverse flow. You can adjust your cooking methods to help solve this temperature gradient problem.
  • Lid It is not always useful and falls off a lot. Some buyers reckon that it was better to keep it off when grilling. When left outside when it is raining, The Weber 721001 Mountain Cooker can easily run down the fire chamber.
  • Challenging To move Although it is good that this grill can be carried, it is a big challenge to move it around. You have to move it after dissembling it or tying it tightly to hold it together while moving.
  • Handle The handle may be good for preventing the user from getting burned while using it but it does not last long. One buyer informed that it only lasted for 3 years before they had to replace it.


We hope that this has been useful and informative and will help you increase your knowledge about this product. The Weber series of grills are the top rated ones in the market and they are respected by the customers. Most of the reviews of this product are nothing short of awesome.

Remember that it is always good to know well and I depth about what you are buying, how are you going to benefit from that product and how to make sure that it will stay running well for an extended period of time. Features tell a lot about the product while benefits give you a reason to own it.

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